Mission Statement -

        St. Vincent Birdpark acts as an ambassador between humans and animals to offer a fun experience and to encourage respect and stewardship of the natural world and a better understanding of our place within it.  As well, to be a conservation and education based organization dedicated to the reproduction, protection, and exhibition of animals and their habitats. 

        Policies -

        • Please treat all of our birds, animals and plants with respect. Do not yell, run after, pull their feathers or throw anything at the animals. Picking flowers or other greenery and feeding to our animals can be toxic to certain animals. Loud behaviour stresses our animals..so please be courteous to them and their surroundings.
        • Respect all barriers for the safety of both the animals and guests at the Zoo.
        • No outside animals are allowed on Zoo grounds except accredited trained service dogs in certain areas, by prior appointment only.


        Sponsors & Partners